t35 October Newsletter

Happy October to everyone! The UWFM team hasn’t wasted any time since the school year has started and have jumped right into the thick of things. Recently we got to show off our car in Shelton at AutoX and begin some driver testing for T35 at E18. Additionally, the team just finished its first round of PDRs. Boasting over 80 members this year, it was great to see everyone working hard on preliminary designs. With a busy year ahead, we look forwards to driver testing, ADRs, and more fun team events!


Your contributions significantly help us improve our team each year. This year, we have set a goal of $10,000. All of your donations are extremely invaluable and contribute to items from screws and washers to battery cells and high-performance brakes. Thank you so much to everyone who has continued to support our team. The clock is ticking! There are less than 9 weeks left in our crowdfunding campaign. We need your support! We dedicate ourselves to building the best race car, and we look forward to building it with your help.



Meet Ellen Lee! She’s a new member of our team who is responsible for running our first AutoX this year. Ellen is excited to explore the different parts of engineering through Formula and is excited to meet new people. To learn more about Ellen, click on the link below!



If you want to see all of the past events and stay updated with the team, make sure to check out our Instagram and follow to get all the recent news. For the month of October, our main event was AutoX!



On Sunday, October 15th, we continued the tradition of holding our AutoX fundraiser in Shelton! Thank you so much to everyone who came, we had nearly 100 supporters come and track their cars. Despite some rain and a radiator leak, everyone was still able to have fun and keep things running smoothly. If you couldn’t make it to the last AutoX event, keep an eye out for the next event in Spring!