Since 1990 our team has brought together student engineers while gaining international recognition in Formula SAE

Currently ranked 11th in the world out of over 200 universities the UWashington Formula SAE team has continued its long lasting tradition of success in motorsports.

Here at UWashington Formula Motorsports, we design, build, test and compete with an electric formula-style race car. Everything that our club produces is done entirely in-house. We produce our own designs, perform our own machining and manufacture our own carbon fiber parts.


Our Results

GLobal rank


Over 34 years of engineering excellence.

During the origin of the team, engineering combustion cars was our domain. 2018 marked a pivotal year for the team marking the beginning of a new electric era. This was the first year that we dedicated all of our attention and resources to an electric vehicle - our T29 eCar.

The T30 eCar placed 2nd at Formula Lincoln and 1st in Endurance. This car was the part of the second year of a two-year iterative vehicle design structure. Every component of this vehicle taken from the T29 and redesigned for greater reliability, better racing efficiency, and weight savings.

T33 marked out first fully electric, 4WD race car. Now, iterating upon our previous design, our T34 eCar is strongly positioned to outperform our competition this year in Michigan.

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