Team Members

With ten unique technical teams and five administrative teams we truly have something for anyone that wants to get involved and help us build world class electric racecars. In one year we start from the ground up to design, build, and compete in competitions across the US and as far as the hockenheimring in Germany. This means we need all hands on deck! Scroll down to see each member on our team!


Esther Strathy
Tech Director
Brian Truong
Operations Director
Kevin Wang
Administrative Director


Nathan Do
Nicole Chen
Ellen Lee
Purchasing Lead


Henry Rothschild
Aerodynamics Lead
Aaron Hsu
Antonio Dardis
Bara Salim
Kamiar Pousti
Jasper Geldenbott
Kevin Wu


Ron Zuckerman
Chassis Lead
Alex Eng
Evan Cooper
Keyo Fenster
Thomas Wolfe
Ryleigh Weston
Liam McBride


Archit Singh
Composites Lead
Jack Cunningham
Peyton DeMartino
Allan Hawkins
Amy Lu


K Gupta
Driverless Lead
Zephyr Tao
Driverless Lead
Kaia Burgos
Dhruv Srinivasan


Ruben Thomas
Drivetrain Lead
Jackson Zemek
Cost Lead
Liam O'Bannon
Pranay Annapantula
Sponsorship Lead
Augustin Dulauroy
David Payan-Olvera


Billy Pugh
Electronics Lead
Griffy Gamblin
Business Lead
Jenelle Ng
Joseph Lee
Shawn Burner
Pike Moody
Kevin Lee
Julie Alder


Maria Strathy
eTrain Lead
Amelia Lin
PR Lead
Amiel Juco
Vishwa KN
Hitesh Mantha
Edward Duong
Taylor Lai
Danny Nguyen


Ryan Hoch
Manufacturing Lead
Tyler Beach
Ishita Pathania
Benjamin Matthews
Beckett Tom
Jessy Irvine
Zack Hayes
Eddie Osborn
Matyas Teichner
Kevin Cantini


Sammy Yang
Software Lead
Sheng Goh
DTM Lead
Aaryan Jain
Andrew Cheng
Sherveen Mehrvarzan

Ved Atal
Manav Balakrishnan
Rachel Chalissery


Colin Heath
Suspension Lead
Addison Rankin
Iziash Suklan
Driver Training Lead
Kim Yiu
RM Lead
Lincoln Ferguson
DTM Lead
Sho Kiami
Vy Huynh
Evan Suroteguh