t35 January Newsletter

Welcome to Winter Quarter! It’s January, which means it’s the beginning of manufacturing season, where ideas and designs are put into action. We’ve already started to make significant progress with our projects such as assembling our cold plate, laying up our aero wings, machining our dyno parts, and submitting SES! In the coming weeks, we’ll continue to manufacture, test, and integrate parts of our T35 car thanks to the hard work of our members. It’s been awesome to see everyone in the pit and fostering our collaborative community. Thanks for your hard work everyone!


From all of us on the T35 team, we graciously thank everyone who has helped contribute to our crowdfunding campaign. This year, we were able to surpass our goal of $10,000 when crowdfunding ended! Your generous contributions will significantly help us manufacture our most efficient car, especially as we’ve kicked off manufacturing season. A huge thank you to our donors, sponsors, and patrons who have supposed and guided us throughout this year - your efforts, no matter how big or small, have positively impacted our team.

Thanks to your support, we’ve been able to invest in high quality materials and cutting edge technology. We’d like to express our thanks through a physical gift - please fill out the form below if you’d like to receive a little thank you!

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This month, we toured Stoke Space, one of our new industry partners this year! They just moved into a new facility in Kent, and walked us through their new manufacturing floor. The team got to learn  more about the technology behind Stoke’s reusable rockets and ask lots of questions about the design of their complex systems.


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Silent Auction Recap  

Thanks to everyone who attended our Silent Auction this last Saturday, and thank you to the Intellectual House for letting us host this event! We were extremely excited to see so many familiar faces in the crowd and hoped everyone had a lot of fun talking to team members, looking at our T34 car, and live bidding. Your support for our the team will greatly help us manufacture our car as the year continues.

Manufacturing and Chassis Feature

As we’ve kicked off manufacturing season, let’s take a look at what the manufacturing and chassis teams have been up to!  

What has the manufacturing team been doing this quarter?

Recently, manufacturing has been working closely with different subteams on various parts of the car, such as suspension, molds, and spending long hours in the shop getting things done. The suspension parts being made integrate the movements movements of the wheels into the body of the car and allow for better optimization of  traction the wheel gets from the ground. The molds we are making currently are used for laying up carbon fiber for various carbon parts of the car. For example, the seat mold is currently  production. Once it is done the carbon will be layed up on the mold and cured in the autoclave, after that our carbon fiber seat for our drivers will be done!

Our chassis team has been busy with monocoque prep!

What has chassis been working on recently?

Chassis has been focusing on getting our monocoque mold prepped and ready to go for carbon fiber layup. They have been spending the past few weeks sanding the molds to remove scratches and other impurities from when the molds were used last year to make T-34. Once the mold is finalized, the layup process will begin and chassis will be hard at work making the new monocoque for T-35. Along with monocoque layup, chassis members have their own projects they have been working on and have begun manufacturing their molds for them as well. As the winter quarter continues, members will progress through their projects and finalize them for integration with the completed chassis.