t34 May Newsletter

Happy end-of-quarter to everyone in the UWFM community! As competition fast approaches, our team is tieing up loose ends and testing all of our systems so that we can compete and win! All of our subteams have been going ham to make sure that every component is safe and tech-passing. We have experienced lots of surprises this month from gearbox's trials and tribulations as well as the rapid manufacturing of a second rearwing endplate. However, our talented and clever members always come through and are able to solve every challenge that arises. We appreciate all the time, energy, and mental battles that everyone has gone through this past year in creating this incredible car - give yourselves a pat on the back! In 11 days, we will embark on our trek to Michigan to compete against other Formula Motorsport teams. Wish us the best of luck in competiton, and we hope to bring back the trophy!

T34 Unveiling

T34 Unveiling

On the 7th, we unveiled our car to the public! We celebrated the culmination of our team's hard work over the past year in building the best and fastest race car! We would like to extend a huge thank you to all of those who have supported our team along the way, especially our sponsors! We couldn't have done it without you! Thank you to all the sponsors, friends, families, and pets who came to celebrate with us!

T34 Wallpaper

T34 Wallpapers

Earlier this month, we toured our car to photograph it around the beautiful UW campus! We have released wallpapers on our Instagram highlights, and soon to our website! Check out some of the amazing photos of our light and lively cherry blossom livery!


May PACCAR Drives

Huge thank you to PACCAR for letting us use their track to test our car! Every Saturday, we head to PACCAR to test our systems and different components on the car to understand how to better optimize each system. We appreciate everyone who comes to help us out on those Saturdays - the car literally could not run without you all! Thank you to all the members who come to drives to learn as well - you are the future of this team and this is an amazing opportunity to see everything in action! Our last PACCAR drive is this Saturday, in which we hope to simulate the competition environment so that we are ready to rumble when we reach Michigan!

Featured Team Update

Aaryan and Jack sitting next to Telemetry Data


What is Telemetry?
Telemetry is the automated collection and transmission of data from remote sources. In the context of a racing team, it involves gathering real-time data from sensors installed in the race car and transmitting it to the team's garage.

What do we learn by having telemetry?
Telemetry provides valuable insights for the team, enabling them to monitor and optimize performance, improve strategy, and enhance safety.

How is telemetry collected?
Data is collected through onboard sensors and transmitted via wireless channels.

What’re the challenges of integrating telemetry?
Integrating telemetry systems presents challenges such as data transmission latency, volume, and storage. Sensor reliability, accuracy, and data security are also important considerations.