t34 March Newsletter

We hope that everyone in the UWFM community has gotten a wonderful and refreshing spring break! Over the break, our hard-working members finally went outside, saw the sun, and touched grass! How spectacular! Aside from the much-needed rest, our team pushed through manufacturing quarter and came out on top! Rolling chassis happened earlier this month with some major highlights including suspension integration, roll hoop completion, and firewall installation. Springing forward into Spring quarter, we have electrical integration and testing before competition to ensure that our vehicle is safe and functional. Amazing work from all our members - keep it up!

T34 Rolling Chassis

Rolling Chassis

On March 10th, rolling chassis was born! To get to this point, major components from the Chassis, Suspension, Drivetrain, and Aerodynamics teams were installed to get the car rolling. Some notable projects integral for rolling chassis include the carbon fiber monocoque, roll hoop, uprights, control arms, wheels, and the quickjack bar. Although this is a huge accomplishment, we still need to do some post-processing before our predicted first drive date which we anticipate to be April 15th.

UWFM 2022 Unveiling

T34 Unveiling

Mark your calendars! On Sunday, May 7th, from 2-4pm in Kane Hall, we will be unveiling our T34 car! During this event, we will be showcasing all the hard work each of our dedicated sub-teams have contributed to making our magnificent racecar. We are planning to recognize all of our talented seniors with a "senior send-off" portion of the event. We hope you can join us for this momentous occasion!

Car driving at Autocross

Spring 2023 AutoX

On Sunday, April 16th, we are continuing the tradition of our AutoX fundraiser! Join us at Shelton, Washington from 7-11am to have the opportunity to race your car as well as meet our team. All skill levels are welcome, just make sure your car is in proper working order and doesn’t have a rollover risk. Walk-up registrations are permitted, and you can also register in advance using the button below!

AutoX Early Registration

Featured Teams Updates

Ashley and Amiel posing next to roll hoop

Chassis and Composites

What is Roll Hoop?

In order for the driver to not get crushed, two hoops need to be installed into the car: main hoop and front hoop, collectively known as roll hoop. Front hoop gets bonded into the chassis during ply layup to provide structural rigidity and strength to the front end of the car. Main hoop, on the other hand, is installed behind the driver, and has strict requirements to ensure that in the case of a rollover collision, the driver is safe from getting crushed. Huge props to Amiel and Ashley from the composites team for working tirelessly to create the best roll hoop!