t34 February Newsletter

Over the past month, our UWFM team has been down deep in the trenches of the manufacturing process of T34 components and data collection from T33 Drives. Since January, our tech teams have made significant progress in creating molds, enclosures, and other machined parts, setting us up for success in integration and assembly during Spring quarter. Our members have spent an insane amount of late nights and early mornings during these past few weeks, and we appreciate all the hard work and dedication everyone has contributed towards the production of this year's speedy racecar. Let's power through and finish Winter quarter strong!

T33 PACCAR Drive
T33 Pacific Raceways Drive

PACCAR and Pacific Raceways Drives

Huge thank you to PACCAR and Pacific Raceways for allowing us to use their facilities to test T33! This past Saturday, T33 was able to complete a comprehensive testing program, running through several skid pad and autocross runs with excellent pace and maneuverability. The data and practice done at these drives will help us gain a stronger understanding of what it’s like to run a 4WD car at competition and how our setup and aerodynamic packages affect the car's performance. Shoutout to those who have been working around the clock to get our car up an running!

UWFM In-Person Silent Auction Event 2023

Silent Auction

We would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who came out to support our team at our Silent Auction Event. Some of the notable auctioned-off items include 80lbs of cheese, a signed Tyler Lockett Jersey, and various gift cards and gift baskets! Congratulations to all of our auction winners! We would also like to thank our sponsors Electric Era, Brinc Drones, and Starbucks for coming to the event, as well as Blue Origin for catering!

Fuel for the Team!

On Valentine's Day this year, the lovely Public Relations team (PR) baked Ube, Oreo-Cheesecake, and Snickerdoodle cookies for the team! In order to boost morale and keep the team spirit high, we need to ensure that everyone's snacking needs are met, so that they can continue to produce quality work. We hope to have more internal events and snack-related endeavors in the future, so be on the lookout for that!

Featured Teams Updates

Claire Feddema sanding the negative molds
Members that have helped with laying up carbon drawn on the outside of the mold

Chassis and Composites

Where are we in the Chassis Layup process?

After resin infusion at the beginning of this month, we had two negative molds to work with. Since this is the first time that we have had to use MDF plugs instead of foam plugs, the demolding process looked a bit different than usual, including lots of chipping, hammering, and chiseling over the course of a couple days. Once the negative molds were demolded, we repaired the tooling surface, so that it had a nice, smooth finish. Currently, we are laying up carbon, adhesive, and core to the interior of the molds to create the chassis of the car! Rolling chassis is projected to take place in a few weeks, so keep an eye out for that milestone. Big thanks to everyone who helped in the demolding, sanding, and layup process!


All the eTrain enclosures are complete! This includes Bottom box, Top Box, and the LVB enclosures. Each of these enclosures needs to be fire resistant to ensure driver safety and meet competition standards. Way to go!


Undertray underway! Nosecone, undertray, rear wing, and other components crucial to the aero package have molds, and are currently being produced by the dedicated aero team. Keep up the great work!