t34 December Newsletter

Happy end-of-quarter to the UW Formula community! This past Fall has been hectic, yet exciting, with Tech Talks, ADRs, and Design Freeze keeping all of our members busy. A huge pat on the back to all of our dedicated members for working so hard on all of their projects - keep up the good work! January marks the beginning of manufacturing quarter, and we plan to have our car up and running sooner in hopes to be fierce contenders at competition. We wish all of our teams to have a restful Winter break so that we can start the New Year off with a bang!

Full car CAD model

Crowdfunding Campaign

Our crowdfunding campaign has recently ended, and we were able to raise over $6,000 in donations! A HUGE thank you to all our donors, sponsors, and patrons for supporting us in the creation of our car - we couldn’t have made it this far without your help! Donations in the form of cash, supplies, services, and guidance have helped us greatly improve as a team and we can't wait to build upon the foundation that previous teams have given to us this year. Thanks to your help, we can kick off manufacturing quarter with our talented team to produce a speedy, one-of-a-kind racecar!

Crowdfunding Campaign 2022

Engineering Expo

Mark your calendars! On January 28th, we are hosting our first in-person Engineering Expo (previously called Silent Auction) since 2020! Not only are we auctioning off sponsored items, but we have also revamped this event to partner with other UW RSOs to showcase the various projects they have been working on throughout the year. With this collaboration, we hope to increase recognition for all the amazing work that each Engineering RSO has spent progressing through and refining their end-of-year deliverables. All students, faculty, and alumni are invited to this event, and an RSVP form will be sent out in our January newsletter. We hope to see you all there!

Winter Applications Open!

Spread the word that applications for Winter Quarter are now open! We encourage anybody to apply regardless of technical skill level, major, coursework, or job experience. If you have the desire to learn and challenge yourself in a fast paced environment, Formula is the place for you! Submit the form below by January 9th, 2023 to be considered during this cycle:


T34 Chassis Plug Making

Chassis Plug Update

What is a Chassis plug and how is it made?

In order to construct the Chassis for the car, it goes through several processes. First, we need to create a positive mold, or ‘plug,’ to make a negative mold, with which we can then lay up carbon fiber on the inside. This year we are using sheets of MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard). After sanding each side of the 4-ft x 8-ft sheets, we applied wood glue and pressure to each layer, effectively laminating them together. Once all the boards were bonded, we sent our block to Janicki to have our Chassis plug cut out with high precision!

Fun fact: We bought out almost all the wood glue from the Seattle area!