t34 April Newsletter

We hope that everyone in the UWFM community has been enjoying this recent bit of sunshine! This month has brought an onslaught of trials and tribulations to the team, but our clever, persevering members came out on top! Some of our recent milestones include full car integration, first drive, T35 directors announcement, as well as general preparation for unveiling and competition. We are so incredibly proud of everyone on the team, especially our electrical-based teams, for their hard work this past month! We know that these past few weeks have been tough, but it will all be worth it when we win first place in June!

T34 Unveiling

T34 Unveiling

Mark your calendars! On Sunday, May 7th from 2-4pm in Kane Hall, we are holding our annual unveiling ceremony! Come celebrate the product of our team's hard work over the past year in building the best and fastest race car! We would like to extend a huge thank you to all of those who have supported our team along the way, especially our sponsors! We couldn't have done it without you! You can RSVP for this event using the link below! We hope to see you there!

T34 Unveiling RSVP

Members walking back to their cars after a rainy day of Auto Cross

Spring 2023 AutoX

On a rainy Sunday a few weeks ago, we held our bi-annual AutoX fundraiser! Huge thank you to all who came to support us by racing their car, as well as our own members for keeping this event running smoothly! Despite the rain, our team had fun timing, moderating, setting up cones, and even racing our own cars! Definitely keep an eye out for our next Auto Cross event!

Chassis off to EMWraps!

Livery Sponsored by EMWraps

Last Thursday, we sent our chassis to EMWraps in order to have our livery design put on the car. To prep our car for wrapping, we sanded and painted a clear coat on the surface to conceal any surface imperfections. We would like to extend a huge thank you to EMWraps for all their help so we could have the best-looking car at the competition! Come to our unveiling event on May 7th to see our final design!

Featured Teams Updates

eGang working on the car

Electronics, Firmware, & eTrain

What have the electrical-based teams been up to?

All three electrical-based teams have been focusing their energy on the integration and testing of their respective components in the car. Lots of late nights and early mornings have been spent in the Pit this past month, and we are so thankful for all of our dedicated members' hard work. Because of all their efforts, our car was able to drive fast at PACCAR Technical Center and our CAN bus was able to receive over a million messages! We are so proud of everyone who contributed to this milestone!

Member Highlight

Raincover - Vy Huynh

In order for the electrical systems to be protected from water or any other debris, a strong and durable raincover needs to be made. Composites member, Vy Huynh, designed, manufactured, and tested her raincover to ensure no leakage and that the electrical insulation was up to competition standard. Terrific job Vy - keep up the great work!